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Crimping press

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Hosecrimper KarryKrimp K1
14 330 kr
Press whit hand pump, hose assembly and 2  die rings. Crimps one and two steel wire or textile braided hoses from 1/4" - 1 1/4"   Dimensions H 686 mm x B 380 mm x D 305mm Weight: 23 kg Restrictions: ...
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Hosecrimper KarryKrimp K2
23 976 kr
Karrykrimp 2 (with hand pump, die rings and hose assembly) • Crimps: - one and two steel wire, - textile braided hoses up to size -20, - three steel wire braided hoses up to size -16, - 4SP multispiral hoses up to size -16, - 4SH multispiral...
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